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Herbetom 2 Pulm-Syrup-Bioserum.


Herbetom 2 Pulm-Syrup-Bioserum.

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Seasonal changes, smoking, viruses and bacteria as well as allergies can affect the respiratory tract causing lung diseases.

Herbetom 2 Pulm thanks to its components with synergistic effect improve the condition and performance of the respiratory tract, mainly the lower tract, providing the necessary help for the prevention and treatment of inflammatory conditions such as asthma, infections and allergies.

Properties of Herbetom 2 Pulm:

  • Immunostimulant: Activation of the innate immune response, stimulating the production of IL-6, TNF, IL-12. Maturation of dendritic cells that play a fundamental role in the immune system. Reinforcement of human
  • lymphocyte activity and IFN-gamma secretion Bactericidal, antiseptic, fungicidal: Growth inhibition of gram positive, gram negative and fungal bacteria
  • Antiviral: Inhibits the receptor of viruses by interfering with the entry of the virus into cells. Elder flavonoids bind to the H1N1 viroids blocking the ability of the virus to infect host cells.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Suppression of the inflammatory response by blocking mRNA expression of nitric oxide synthase and the production of nitric oxide (NO). Decreased mRNA of cyclooxygenase 2 and prostaglandin E2
  • Healing: Induction of fibroblast proliferation through stimulation of keratinocyte growth factor, vascular endothelial growth factor and type I collagen.
  • Antioxidant: Reduction of free radicals such as hydroxyl radicals, superoxide anions, nitric oxide, peroxidized lipids. Increase in enzymes with antioxidant capacity.

Indicated in the following cases:

  • Acute / chronic bronchial asthma.
  • Catarrhal processes, colds and flu.
  • Sinusitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis and laryngitis.
  • Cough. Allergic rhinitis (hay fever).
  • Acute and chronic bronchitis.
  • Pneumonia.
  • Smokers and ex-smokers.
  • Prevention of future lung diseases.

Ingredients per 30 ml:

  • 1,500 mg of concentrated elderberry juice.
  • 300 mg concentrated juice of aloe vera.
  • 150 mg of concentrated lemon juice.
  • 120 mg of echinacea extract.
  • 75 mg of eucalyptus extract.
  • 60 mg of thyme extract.
  • 60 mg of propolis extract.
  • 45 mg elderberry extract.
  • 30 mg of pine extract.
  • 30 mg of plantain extract.
  • 800 mcg of vitamin A (from beta-carotene).

How to use: Take 10 ml before or after the three main meals.

Presentation: 250 ml bottle


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