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Collagen with magseim-Ana Maria de la Justicia-270 tablets.

Collagen with magseim-Ana Maria de la Justicia-270 tablets.


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AMLsport presents the collagen container with magnesium of 270 tablets. It has the same properties as the collagen with magnesium of Ana Maria Lajusticia of 180 tablets, the traditional one.

Magnesium is one of the minerals that is lost through sweat and has a very important role in the proper functioning of the chemical reactions of our body: among them the obtaining of ATP, ie energy in the form of a molecule. Likewise, collagen is a very abundant protein in the human body and is present in many essential areas: ligaments, tendons, cornea, blood vessels, … That is why its synthesis and presence is essential to avoid certain pathologies and to the maintenance of the mentioned structures, among others.

INGREDIENTS: Hydrolyzed collagen, magnesium carbonate, anti-caking agents (talc, magnesium etherate), magnesium hydroxide.

WAY OF EMPLOYMENT: Take of 6 to 9 compressed to the day, distributed in the breakfast and the dinner.


  • 6 tablets (4.3g): collagen 3.6g, magnesium 185mg (49% NRV).     
  • 9 tablets (6.5g): collagen 5.4g, nagnesium 278mg (74% NRV).

* VRN: nutrient reference values.

NET WEIGHT: 195G-270 tablets.


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